#8/52 – Week 8

Two 35mm f/2D prime? No. only one 35mm f/2D but i overlay-ed them on photoshop, darken mode blending
Tripod is a must, mode is manual and focus mode is set to manual too…

since shutter speed, aperture and focal length is the same Β it already met the criteria for project52 πŸ™‚
cheers!… it’s sunday evening already, looking forward to next week – picking up house key and i plan to post about bokeh.


Where : Sungai Udang, Klang
When : 18/02/2009 23:24:36 and 18/02/2009 23:25:22
Exposure Program : Manual
Shutter speed : 1 seconds
f / Aperture : 11
Focal Length : 40mm (60mm in 35mm film equiv)
ISO Speed Ratings : 200

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