selamat pengantin baru: khairi & farra

We had a good time yesterday, the event is great, couple look lovely and the food is delicious.

Congratulationz to Khairi n Farra. To khairi :- Married, New job and new place to call home – that’s 3 in one week. Remarkable achievement πŸ™‚

few of my snapshots after the jump…

p/s : too many photographer yesterday.. i just took few shot and let them do the rest.

he who smile all the time – khairi

shoba with alyaa πŸ™‚

seronok betul abang kita ni.. senyum je.. baguss bagusss πŸ™‚

farra:- Β simple, elegant and gorgeous – the outfit and makeup also great Β 

important event during makan beradab. Main suap suap.

congrats farra, khairi – may you guys live happily ever after.

cheers.. happy sunday from alyaa and family…!
you can also view the rest of pictures in my gallery

3 thought on “selamat pengantin baru: khairi & farra”

  1. fiziskandarZ

    hey hey hey osh!

    1. whoaaaa lawa gamba.. the last one is my personal fav πŸ™‚ besh besh besh..
    2. anyways, i drop my camera during our year outing the other day huwaaa! and services here is soo bloody expensive, so i dont much choice but to start survey for a new one..
    3. dslr had defo cross my mind, but till this very moment, i’m still intimidated by the size of it..
    4. so i settle for something smaller – and finally choose canon sx1.. so far not too bad πŸ˜› [ altho i’m still adjusting of bringing non-pocket-size-camera lol!
    5. anyways, i’ve emailed u – we speak soon ok πŸ˜‰
    6. cheers.

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