bokeh is an art – a very subjective matter. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. but there’s some bokeh characteristic that widely accept by many and being called nice bokeh, and some being called bad bokeh.

  • – Edge
  • – Double-line
  • – Aperture shape

Wiki has explained it, kenrockwell has explained it in detail as well… but to my understanding bokeh is the out of focus area of a picture rendered due to the shallow depth of field. Bokeh is a japanese word which means fuzzy or blurred. It can be pronounced /?bo?ke/ or /?bo?k?/ (boke-aay or boke-uh).

bokeh is influenced by many factors (aperture, relectivity, angle of light, etc.)

refer to the following sample, do you think this lens has a nice bokeh?
mode : Aperture mode, shutter speed : 1/40 seconds, f = 2, ISO = 200


100% crop of above ROI giving the following output:-

personally i think it’s creamy and very pleasant bokeh produced by this lens. how bout you?

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