adios zeff!

I think i need to stop creating an entry everytime a colleague leaving us. It’s kind of having negative effect to me. OK maybe next time i should try not to bring my camera to office. No camera = no picture = no entry (e.g. khairi).

OK back to the subject – Zeff, one of my colleague since Exact. We’re very close together since they’re only like 5 gentlemen who didnt eat pork in Exact (exaggerate? yes). So most of the time, we spend our lunch time eating together with Syafril and Azhar.

place where you can easily see him. the smoking area. No – those are not zeff, he’s got a bigger tummy.


welcome to the jungle. you dont believe we have a snake in the office area? here’s your proof. someone please catch this creature before one of my officemate get bitten. Ohhh I hate snake, i think im Ophidiophobia.

Nasi + ayam kampung anyone? located near to bukit puchong the food is nice and reasonable. here’s our zeffry boy. You suck because you want to leave us.. hahahha!

fried egg with tomato and soy sauce. my weakness. some veggie which i dont know what its name but love to eat it and ayam kampung berempah and BUDU 🙂


Sad to hear you’re leaving us, but at the same time happy that you been given chance to do things that you love (hopefully). Till our path cross again mate.

p/s : mini family day @ port dickson @ ditepi mana2 pantai. i’ll draft it and let you guys (ex monster :- pak syed, zeff, khairi) know.

p/s : hurry up and buy yourself a macbook pro.

p/s3 : house inspection? Done with a lot of defects. luckily all of them can be fix. Im hoping by next month they can fix it so that we can run another regression test.

2 thought on “adios zeff!”

  1. MQ

    oo sayur tu..pucuk manis dgn labu masak lemak..hehe..

    our turn to inspect the house tomorrow…but Ady will be going there alone..change of plan..we are moving in end of April 🙂

  2. zeff

    jgn lupa psl mini family day tu .. jgn lupa lak nanti kalo event tu jadi .. jgn tak bawak tabla ko .. kita buat mini concert ..

    oh mbp .. sesungguhnya ko buat aku ‘high’ sentiasa .. akan ku sambar ko satu hari nanti 🙂

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