khairi and farra : reception

Hahaha… i rush to post this entry, this must be my fastest ever post process to date.
This lovely event, a reception event was held at Klang. Khairi is my ex-officemate.

I personally think their wedding dress color is cool. the food is good too.
Enjoy the picture after the jump

hey, photographer not warming up yet.. this is the first pic taken… as khairi and farra enter the hall.

nice color selection guys.. i like this color.

meja pengantin


creamy wedding cake on a creamy bokeh pics.. lolz!

alyaa zulfah.

aaqil farhan



Seriously there’s a lot more in my gallery, feel free to view them all and dont forget to leave ur comment 🙂

3 thought on “khairi and farra : reception”

  1. fiziskandarZ

    1. yup, totally and utterly agree with u. the theme color is awesome!
    2. untung laa pengantin dapat photog handalan + techy nihs 🙂
    3. i like the 1st pix 😀 i like! i like! [ dont think my camera can do that huhu ].

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    1. Yup, the color in nice
    2. hahhaa gyc, im not the official photo-g, just snapping some pics.
    3. Number 1 is a bit off in term of WB and sharpness. it still look ok on 640×428 but not when printed on 8R paper.

    thanks gyc

  3. zeff

    sorry khairi .. aku tak dapat hadir .. ada urgent matter berlaku .. nanti aku kena jumpa ko gak psl hadiah ko nak kena kasi .. kalo tak jadi tukun nanti hehe

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