Ject’s wedding

congratulation jet, welcome to the club… 🙂

we plan to reach there early, to capture some of the berarak / bersanding pics. but the map is soo confusing and we end up eating nasik kenduri in someone else wedding.

Not my mistake ok i did ask the tuan rumah.

me : ni majlis salinda & syamsul nahar ke? (is this salinda and jet wedding ceremony?)

tuan rumah : haa ye la tu, tapi orang sini panggil dia sahar (yes, but local call him sahar)

me : (talking to my wife) ok, lets eat some nasik minyak and have a bowl of laksa after this.

we realized we’re in the wrong house when we overheard the relatives talking to one of the guest. Sh*t, this is not Salinda and Jet’s wedding ceremony. We quietly mengatur langkah n escape from there. Serius malu. Never thought thing like this could really happen in real life.

(I should blame that kids at the nearby shop, he should be held responsible for this calamity lol)

My mood was spoilt by above incident. Futhermore, we’re late to arrive , so i only manage to snap few pics. I also dont want to interrupt those ‘official ‘photographer. But somehow I think they feel threaten when someone with SLR taking the bride’s pictures. Usha rapat. Come on lahh.. while you guys hogging with those pro and fast lenses, i only have 35mm f/2D attached to my D80. takkan terasa tergugat kot.  Maybe i got aura kot.. hahhahaa

Alyaa. notice the backdrop and theme color is orange, while jet theme color is purplish.

we’re late, they already makan beradap when we reach the scene.

bak kata pak belalang, lumrah dunia; si lelaki akan mengejar si perempuan. lol. caption not related to picture below.

ject introducing his wife to us…. ras is the pengapit (is it called ‘best man’ in english?)

Ya ampun, this must be one of ‘makhluk tuhan paling comel’.

While jet is having a photoshoot session inside room im taking this empty pelamin pics.
Pelamin anganku musnah (again, please disregard this caption – it has nothing to do with picture below)

grilled dory with lobster sauce from the nearest secret recipe. We spend some quality time after that at Jusco Bukit Tinggi.

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