yet another bokeh entry (yabe) 001

Just to share some pictures, taken few weeks ago @ TGIF sunway pyramid. 
the first one is related to title – others is just a gambar sisipan.

yet another bokeh entry

OK dear honey, you make this juicy steak looks like a vegetarian food. very average-pns food shot. Try again, and try harder 🙂
juicy steak that looks like a vegetarian food

OK this shot is better than previous, chicken and shrimp.
TGIF chicken and shrimp

fatal mistake when using fast lens, the DOF is too shallow. All three subjects should remain sharp.  i should’ve chosen a smaller aperture.

One thought on “yet another bokeh entry (yabe) 001”

  1. fiziskandarZ

    hey hey hey birthday boy 🙂 i’m not sure i mentioned this before but ur blog is one of my fav technical reference when it comes to photography [ not that i fully understand it tho *gulp * ].. keep it going 🙂 huaaaa makan steak dengki nyerrr tsk tsk

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