brilliant keynote DSZ!

it’s been a while since i last watch channel 1 and 2 (RTM 1 dan RTM2)

but last wednesday it happen that i came back early and watch Exora launch on RTM1.
The whole ceremony was dull (you know, i love you, i thank you, i congratulate you) until DSZ deliver his keynote. I think that was a brilliant presentation DSZ – he really know his stuff. From design to manufacturing to testing, it was like he’s all over the place. He even told he’s riding the exora to Genting for testing. He even joke about the famous power window failure.

He’s been in Proton for what, 3 years and has translated into 3 good product. that’s a remarkable achievement.

Keep up the good work Datuk Syed Zainal 🙂

p/s : feel like steve jobs unveiling new ipod pulak dengar key note dia.

for those who miss the speech, See them now at paultan blog

One thought on “brilliant keynote DSZ!”

  1. Alpay

    Salam YB Dato.My first time visiting your blog. Decided to do so out of coisuirty..It’s interesting to note that this is not the first time that effort is being made to develop Kg. Baru, but I guess the crux of the matter which the government needs to consider is whether to leave the decision to the land owners in Kg Baru or whether the government should take the bull by its horn and decide on their behalf.It is obvious (legal restrictions and ancient by-laws aside) that Kg Baru being the Malay heartland smack in the middle of KL is a political landmine. If you leave it to the land owners to decide, Kg Baru will remain as it is forever. Should the government choose to decide on their behalf, there is bound to be discontentment and some political backlash.From the legal point of view, you can always acquire the land and replace it with land in other locality plus compensation. The issue that remains contrived is on the socio-politico level alone. But then, politics in its simplest sense is about pleasing the majority rather than the minority- of course this is mere rhetoric. But then, on the social agenda, social jurisprudence has always been about propogating the interest of the society rather than the individual. So the million dollar question is whom does the government wish to please? or should it be whom does the government wish to lead? a penny for your thoughts here Engku.

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