nusaputra, work in progress…

It’s been two month since we collect our house key. Until now i’ve logged 5 defect list which i dont know when the developer going to fix it. I complained quite a lot. but  who doesnt? Everyone would want to fully utilize the warranty period given by the developer. Nevertheless we start our renovation work after the critical defect has been rectified by developer. 

We’ve done some minor renovation. The first phase of renovation involve : wiring, ceiling plaster (we hate beam), grill, fan and lamp and some paint work. The next phase would be skirting, storage room, and furniture. The kitchen and master bedroom is a tough one, the expensive one. Maybe in this first few years we will leave the kitchen and room as it is. Cadangnya nak beli kabinet biasa buat taruk dapur, bawah kabinet taruk tong gas je :).

The first phase almost completed. Hopefully we can move-in early June.

Here is some of the pictures.
living hall, the wiring is half completed, ceiling and wall require one more layer of painting.

front grill, fold to open all.

overview of living and dining hall, no decision yet on partition.

extra power supply outdoor area, for future.

dutch cream.. i like! :).

the rest of images is in my gallery, cheers everyone!

17 thought on “nusaputra, work in progress…”

  1. fiziskandarZ

    i like the door concept.. kalu ari raya buleh bukak yg luas and during normal days bukak yg pintu biasa.. besh besh besh 😀 osh color kowang pileh sendirik kaa mmg default itu warna? anyways the coin statue was at botanique station [ a middle station from brussels noord to brussels central ].. apparently depa mmg decorate semua station cantik2 gila… macam art show laa pulak every station had their own feature 😛

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    concept mmg bagus but the implementation (workmanship) is not up to standard actually..

    on color, the developer wont give you the shinny, washable one off course :P… we decided to paint untuk menutup kehampaan kami terhadap warna asal dinding itu…

  3. MissCha


    Very nice blog you have… suka tengok ure gallery. Am myself recently decided to have my own space. Tapi nak godek balik ilmu2 customising website ni aduh…. what do u use to create ure gallery? Because I notice kat bawah tu created with mac on wordpress? Cool…

    Oh, congrats on new house.. a lot of possibility when it comes to decorating. Have fun!


  4. fadzlizuka Post author

    thanks for visiting missCha,
    my gallery powered by minishowcase and cpaint
    it’s simple but need a lot of customization kalau nk serasi with blog theme, i suggest you visit their community forum for heads up.

    p/s : tak pakai mac pun takpe.. tag tu saja je, since i design and coding semua dalam mac.

  5. razali

    bro…bleh tahu tak braper budget buat plaster syiling n wiring plus grill…aku cadang nak beli gak kat area tu….bleh la berjiran nanti…

  6. fadzlizuka Post author

    grill and wiring, im not convince enough to commend them to others but im happy with plaster ceiling work.

    you can see the plaster ceiling workmanship (minus the painting job) yourself. if you think it looks nice, i can give you the contact number

  7. siti

    salam bro. it’s me again. nk tanya, berapa lama tempoh yang diambil utk start kerja-kerja renovation lepas ambik kunci?kitorang plan nk masuk rumah cepat tp after reading so many comments about nusaputra house defects, takut juga. satu lagi, bro buat plaster ceiling dengan sapa ye?mcm ok je.. are they the same ppl yg buat wiring and grill for your house? thanks

  8. fadzlizuka Post author

    w’salam siti, kerja renovation depend.. ada yang cepat ada yang laaaambat. mcm plaster ceiling tu diorang buat 3 hari (tak masuk cat) grill around 2 weeks n wiring saya paling special.. dekat 2 bulan

    bila nak masuk… kalau nak tengok ceiling rumah dulu pun boleh, kalau rasa puas hati nnt saya bg number…

  9. erin

    Fazli, i think i know which one is your house by seeing your kitchen iron grill pattern..hehe. Its back to back shift left side from my home..hehe.. nice home.

  10. pris

    HI fadzli, saya sangat suka you punya palster syiling…boleh tak bagi contact no developer…eh…design tu fadzli buat ke diaorang ye? kita orang sudah book rumah di nusaputra juga..2nd owner…tqs.

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