Exam = Passed :)

ISEB ISTQB Foundation certificate in Software Testing… Alhamdulillah, i manage to pass the test. We had the course last month and the assessment last week. Well, the course was fun, i like the way he conducted the class with all the real case example.  but the ISEB/ISTQB test/assessment was not the one to enjoy :(. Personally, i think the answer is confusing ambiguous and almost identical between each option, sometime only separated by one term. Time is also another issue, and i strongly suggest you put you best answer first and don’t leave it empty – but mark it for review. Question separated into K1, K2 and K3 type of question. i almost got full mark for K1, K2 being the lowest score.

What is K1, K2 and K3? 
K1 – Remember, recognize and recall which cover 50% of total questions
K2 – understand, explain, give reason, compare, classify, summarize type of question  30% questions
K3 – apply type of question – 20% questions 


Next step would be ISEB’s Intermediate certificate in Software Testing which i plan to enrol early next year. The final step would be Practitioner Certificate either in Test Management or in Test Analysis. I dont know bout other but i prefer to take ISEB path rather than ISTQB.

Notes about prometric – the authorized, certified testing and assessment for ISEB. They keep their standard very high to ensure they’re the best test and assessment center. Only your credit card and ic allowed to the exam room. They even scan your body with metal detector device. Each table will have a personal camera and i heard rumors saying there’s a microphone near you (lol).

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