Aquaria KLCC

Recently we decide to visit aquaria, right after we visit homedec 2009. Not much activity at homedec, we leave there only with wall decal and place a booking on wallpaper (just to lock the homedec discounted price.. lol)

Talk about aquaria, the place is fine but i dont think it justify your 27 ringgit (with mykad). the fish collection is not that lot The place itself is not that big. But if you decide to go there, make sure you visit the place around 11am or 4 pm to see they feeding piranha live. 🙂

Enjoy some of the pictures after the jump

Piranha!!! looks like ikan bawal isn’t it?

crocodile or is it alligator? i read somewhere during my youth day on how to differentiate them but couldn’t remember

Cylinder tank with fish. Very nice.

I have no idea what this fish called. anyone?

Clown fish, a nemo.

Shot of the day. I like this snapshot very much

Wait, this should be THE shot of the day. deserve to become post picture 😀

Fish? No idea but a shy fish that keep on sinking itself inside sand when you approach the glass.

2 thought on “Aquaria KLCC”

  1. fiziskandarZ

    hey hey hey osh!!

    1. haaaaaaaaa arituhs datang xder update.. baru ada skrg 😀 manyak pulak tuhs.. besh besh

    2. wahhh rumah dah nak siap kaaa? dengki dengki.. nanti amek gambaq dalam pulak nak tgk!! nak!! nak!!

    3. also, congrats on the certification.. perrkghhh macam level laa pulak =D

    4. tweet,. aquaria ini adakah besar kah didalamnyer? [ xpenah pegi. adakah manyak2 tengkat kah? ]

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