strobist : first attempt on Wall-e

This picture is definitely off-camera flash technique. Strobist or not, i dont know and i dont care actually.

See the full picture after the jump. I also decided to photographed the setup, rather than writing all the detail in one huge paragraph that in the end make reader more confusing.  (thanks to dustin diaz for this brilliant idea).

Many would have been wondering what is strobist. Well strobist is actually a blog name.
wiki explained strobist as :

David Hobby (born January 30, 1965) is an American photographer and author of the lighting blog, a site which promotes lighting techniques — such as off-camera flash — among photographic enthusiasts, often with an emphasis on the practical knowledge rather than the gear.

here is the final result 🙂 minor crop and resizing done and some cloning and dodge/burn to darken the background. I like it.

here is the setup. It’s simple. I hope someday i can have another extra speedlight to experiment more.

another shot at different angle.

last but not least

p/s : i have no idea but the picture look more underexposed when viewing in windows.

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