housewarming + open house + gathering

Not sure which one is the main event, tak kisah lah… as long as we (big family) can meet together once in a while is brilliant enough. We had a good time, thank you tuan rumah, tahun depan buat lagi… ok?

when : 23rd May 2009
where : azizi’s house

family members been asking about this entry so here you go, apologies for not taking too many pictures – anak dah dua beb…picture after the jump….

chewahhh.. control tu.. shot of the day.

this one is my 2nd best shot of the day 🙂



see all of them in my gallery.

4 thought on “housewarming + open house + gathering”

  1. nanako Post author

    kpd tuan rumah… terima kasih daun keladi, len tahun buat lagi.. ehehehh.

    kepada jurugambar.. mana gambar kami(aaqil+alyaa+isteri jurugambar) semua???

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