off camera lighting – 2nd attempt

Almost identical like the first setup but with extra subject and gears. It is a fun  – doing some experiment with light compensation and exposure.
see the full image, setup explanation and more after the jump.

the final images, just minor  touch :- resize, cropping and wrap it with manny librodo USM’s technique.

the setup

same setup but on 35mm f/2D lens

same setup but on 35mm f/2D lens. interested? nahh, not for sell 😀

cheers everyone, have a nice weekend.

One thought on “off camera lighting – 2nd attempt”

  1. fiziskandarz

    whoaaaa!!! now with mini photo lab!! saya ini adalah tabik! [ osh i admire ur technical photography try out, keep on sharing ok!! especially for someone buta camera macam saya nihs maen gamba tahap hentam huhu ] 🙂

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