eating out : CPK

Early this month we had our lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. Personally i think i made a wrong choice of pizza and not enjoying it as much as i would like. they called it jamaican jerk chicken.

They put something sweet (i think it is carribean sauce) as a toppings and it spoil the whole pizza taste. My wife try their garlic cream fettucine. Knowing her, i dont think she enjoy it much either. She’s more adventurous on trying new menu and new food outlet. I am not that adventurous when it came to trying new menu. Yes i enjoy trying new brand, new restaurant but not new menu. Once i get to know their specialty or best food, i dont change menu.

Oh my wife saw a prominent blogger with her family who sat behind us. I have no idea who she was and i never bother about who, what happening on the other table.

Alyaa resting, she would lean anywhere, everywhere now.

That scary creamy sauce with prawn – garlic cream fettucine. 3.5 stars out of 5

That sweet pizza – jamaican jerk chicken. Not gonna order this pizza again. 1 star.

The savior – luckily we order this for dessert Aaqil never like ice cream before but not this time. he’s really enjoying it.

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