Attention! – AmBank fraud credit card call

Everyone please beware. This tactic is soo sleek. Honest to god i almost fell into their trap – luckily i didn’t have any card with AmBank.
Happened yesterday while im discussing with colleague. Suddenly i get a phone call from AmBank customer support.
No shit, the number is real from AmBank customer support

03-2XX88888. Once answered you will get a computer voice message which sounds like this :-

you have credit card transaction amount RMX,XXX pending your approval. Press 1 to approve, Press 3 to decline and Press 5 to speak to our customer support.

I’m panic. The automated computer voice is so real but when on earth i have credit card account with AmBank?. So i press 5 to let them know if my account exists it probably someone been using my identity for the card. Soon after that an operator answer your call and ask for your credit card number. Lucky for me, i dont have any account with AmBank so i ask them can they search my account through my IC. The dude over the line said OK they will check and call me later in 10 minutes. And they never call after that.

Today i make another call to the number, surprise! it connect me to the real Ambank customer support. When i tell my story the operator told me yesterday call is a phish call from someone to steal my credit card number.

I could not imagine what will happen if i really have a credit card with AmBank. Surely they will get my credit card number. CVV? Maybe not – but panic will make people might pass this information. So please spread this news dont ever pass your CVV number to the phone. In fact, bank would never ask for CVV number.

I wonder why only customer need to verify information when being contact by bank. My idea next is to challenge them to verify my information. How about that?

9 thought on “Attention! – AmBank fraud credit card call”

  1. fadzlizuka Post author

    dian, this is no tele-marketer.. this is auto-voice recorded saying that you have pending release of payment … can you imagine if you really have a credit card with this bank and get this kind of pesanan suara… for sure you want to talk to customer representative to know the details.

  2. fiziskandarz

    heaven goodness! they even go up to this extend! i read nina’s blog the other day and she mentioned some scam as well but not as organized as this.. anyways thanx for sharing osh! appreciate it 😉

  3. SS

    I have also received the same call yesterday. i really believe that as I have an Ambank credit card but i don’t have the credit card with me when i talked to the officer. So I didn’t give the officer my credit card # but my IC # 🙁 When I asked her what should I do now & she asked me to file a report to Bank Negara (I wonder why to Bank Negara). due to bad reception, I asked the officer to call me back for the next steps. I have waited for half an hour no no call returned. and only realized that when I call back Ambank to check.

  4. talapia

    just received call like that. and thanx to this page…. i realize that all that is just a fraud. n quickly terminate all the cards that i’ve given the info. TQ

  5. deguys

    thank you fadzli…i searched on the internet and found this page.
    received an sms on my broadband acc with the exact same scenario. Hell, i thought someone’s got a hold of my details and opened a credit card account under my name…thank you for clearing this up.

  6. deguys

    (Number: 66222 Content: RM0.00 Kindly contact AmBank Collection Center at 03-2054 6688 regarding your AmBank Credit Card pymt of RM 77.89 .Disregard message if pymt made.)

    This shit looked real 🙁

  7. yong ai choo

    I want to inform that as a X-card holder, i have made the full settement of my ambank credit card at this February 2014. So, i still receive the statement of balance payment aout RM 1451.38. How can it be? Now, my status is blacklisted in Bank Negara. I made the personal loan, the loan cannot aprove because of the problem. Please clear my name from blacklist bwcause i dont have any outstanding amount with your ctredit card. Please make attention. Tahnk You

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