alyaa now 11 month old

How time flies, our daughter is now 11 month old. Picture taken week ago at Jusco Bukit Raja.
It feel so good to have son and daughter, at least when she grow older she can teamed up with her mom and do all the girl thingy (shopping, gossip, etc..)
Hope i can bring music to their life soon (aaqil guitar, alyaa piano) while im learning drum and their mum can sing –
So that we can perform live on stage.. haha…. oooh how i envy KR’s family.
Picture after the jump…

Sleeping. She now would be happily stay in the car seat as long as we all singing while traveling.

lovely, both the subject and the background bokeh.

another fav pic of the day, candidate for our canvas printing (to be put on our weird feature wall)

yup, Aaqil can finish that – no problem

the rest as usual, in my gallery

5 thought on “alyaa now 11 month old”

  1. nanako Post author

    i think the 2nd pic is best to be put on the ‘weird’ wall…. please make it fast…
    how time flies.. alyaa will be 1 soon..

  2. fadzlizuka Post author

    syg, im looking for portrait.. not pic landscape orientation..
    our wall will get crowded if we plan to have more than 2 kids and put their landscape picture sbs

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