berbuka di sari ratu

Iftar at Sari Ratu, Kelana Jaya. I only have chance to post this after ramadhan. but nevermind, you can refer to this entry for next year buka puasa :P.. They serve Indonesian food , nasi padang. Food pictures after the jump.

Jasmine tea packed in a box and the call it teh botol (bottled tea). hehe…


Complimentary dates for iftar. I deliberately underexpose this shot.

gulai tunjang, enough for 2-3 person. Quite nice if you like eating internal organ. me? oklah, ambil rasa

Talapia fish, the taste as good as talapia can get.

ayam pop

sambal cili hijau + merah. nothing special, just ordinary sambal yang digiling

tortilla or maybe tapioca chip, have no idea this one was authenticated indonesian though.. (lol, they claim everything theirs now)

the food was great but the price is a bit on high side. If you think spending RM40.00 per person to eat nasi padang is berbaloi / cheap, this is the place to go..

check the remaining pictures at my gallery.

selamat hari raya, maaf zahir dan batin.

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