touch n go – 20% rebate details

lets monitor your touch n go rebate value online

I’ve been curious about this rebate scheme since it was announced back in mid July. I think most of the user also confused about the implementation.
I’ve check the website, enroll to their online portal and i’d like to share some information to you guys.

touch n go have an online portal to help you to track your rebate. navigate to this page :
and click at the register now logo –

click the image to register to online touch n go rebate tracking system
click the image to register to online touch n go rebate tracking system

prepare the following information.
1) IC number which the touch n go card was registered AND
2) your TnG manufacturing card number

How do one entitle for this rebate?

OK first, obviously you need a touch n go card.
Second – your total transactions must exceed 80 transactions. The rebate will be counted for all transaction if you exceed 80 transactions for that particular month.
refer to my example below, the RM number have been photoshopped a little – but the formula, calcuation is the same:-
the rebate value started since 1st of September 2009, even though my 80th transaction only came around 20th September. Once you exceed 80th transactions all the usage in current month will be 20% rebate to your account. Transaction means making payment. Going through 2 federal highway toll – Sg Rasau and Batu Tiga is equal to 2 transactions while taking an ELITE highway from Ebor to Putrajaya/Cyberjaya counted as one transactions.

How do i redeem my touch and go 20% rebate?

– Bring your Touch ‘n Go card and visit Touch ‘n go hubs at Faber Towers or KL Sentral; or selected Highway Sales Centre. The 20% rebate will be credited to your card immediately. I have not try it yet but i heard you can accumulate for up to 6 month of rebate before redeem it.

List of the participating highways – i believe all highways that accept touch n go is applicable but refer to the following list for details:-
All the toll Operators below are currently accepting Touch `n Go card:
1. Jambatan Pulau Pinang (JPP)
2. Lebuhraya Utara Selatan
3. Lebuhraya Shah Alam
4. Lebuhraya Seremban – Port Dickson
5. Lebuhraya Laluan Kedua Malaysia – Singapura

6. Lebuhraya Kuala Lumpur – Karak
7. Lebuhraya Butterworth – Kulim (BKE)
8. Lebuhraya Cheras – Kajang
9. Lebuhraya Kajang SILK
10. Lebuhraya Damansara – Puchong (LDP)
11. Lebuhraya Pintas Selat Klang Utara Baru
12. Lebuhraya Bertingkat Ampang (AKLEH)
13. Lebuhraya Sungai Besi
14. Lebuhraya Lingkaran Luar Butterworth
15. Lebuhraya Skim Penyuraian Trafik KL – Barat
16. Lebuhraya Baru Pantai (NPE)
17. Lebuhraya Koridor Guthrie
18. Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT) – Fasa 1
19. Lebuhraya Hubungan Timur Barat
20. Lebuhraya Utara Selatan (Terbuka)
21. Terowong SMART
22. Lebuhraya KL – Putrajaya (Maju Expressway – MEX)
23. Lebuhraya Duta Ulu Kelang (DUKE)
24. Lebuhraya Kajang – Seremban (LEKAS)

Credit to touch and go website for information and images. Hurry up! register yourself and let the application track your rebate 🙂

8 thought on “touch n go – 20% rebate details”

  1. fadzli

    ha’aah azriana, mmg slow sangat especially awal bulan.
    for the first few days of every month, i think they updated the table thus causing the site completely down or slow.

  2. Kelvin

    sudah cuba untuk mendaftar tapi langsung tak boleh akses… ini dah masuk minggu ke-3 berturut-turut dari pagi sampai petang. call hotline, jawapan yang diberitahu langsung tidak masuk akal….

    tanya bila baru boleh daftar, diberitahu cuba sampai dapat!

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