kampung life : Sungai Udang

Hey, it is possible to have kampung life while living in Klang Valley.

My Kids enjoying it now while we’re living with my in law house in Klang. It would no longer be possible come next year when we move to our own house in Puchong. Some snapshot after the jump…

Taking evening walk around the house, chasing rabbit, cats, chicken and everything in sight.
Tocang, nak ikat dua ke ikat lima?

Aaqil farhan watching from a distance

Gendang gendut tali kecapi, Kenyang perut senang hati.

Introducing the old Opel Kadett B (1965–1973). My father-in-law is an antic car collector. He has had Opel Kadett A, Peugeot 403, Jaguar, Gallant ’76 and lot more. He still have 2 Opels and a mitsubishi 🙂

this is tomato hornworm (i think), my wife screaming when i show her this creature alive … hahaha..

and that’s alyaa punya kaki. She’s trying to stomp the creature.

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