another alyaa and nusaputra entry

Yet another alyaa and nusaputra entry.
My house can be considered as ready to move in actually, but we’re still waiting for the following item before moving in:-

  1. Finding the proper nursery
  2. Interchange to complete
  3. Pindah barang from my sister’s house + Curtain
  4. Streamyx
  5. Streamyx
  6. Streamyx

Enjoy alyaa picture after the jump…..


hehehe… i highly recommend my plaster ceiling contractor. PM me for contact number 🙂

playing with tissues, dont ever let them lying around.

mama aaqil cleaning the house.

funky assortment of warm + white downlight. Those two was not meant to be open at the same time actually.

living room in warm downlight mode.

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