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ohh my.. it’s almost 2 month since i last update my blog – truth is, i am busy with life and work (work and life). The problem with this blog, it’s about picture and story telling.. Even when i have time to write, i simply dont have time to take my camera out and shoot picture. I admire D700, D300s very very much but at the moment the price tag wont justify the need. Okay enough giving excuse, picture was taken in 2009 during Christmas Break. We went to Johor (Ulu Tiram to be precise) to celebrate my cousin’s daugther wedding. Enjoy the pictures (lovely pictures as usual.. lol) after the jump….

my son with his usual look. the background was blurred but obviously not enough.

my daughter. at this period of development, she prefer to do everything on her own.

my dad and my cousin

food lineup.. sedapnye lahhh gulai kambing itu..

another close-up of the gulai kambing yang amat sedap..

@shahrulazlan – taken by my sister.

gamba beramai-ramai yang not so ramai.

few more available in my gallery

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