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Early January 2010, the group of che’ amah kezen decided to pull some stunt and coordinate a cousin-only weekend holiday gitu. the trip went very well, im enjoying it every single moment. So sorry for this late entry, i believe by the time i publish this pics, my cousins / nephews already finalize their plan for next trip. Nevertheless, here is my entry. Entry consist of first day – pantai Klebang .. part two will include asam pedas power and bowling story… part three about a famosa and ikan bakar.. Well dont hold your breath, take it as it is – im not sure if i got time to process the rest of pictures. Enough talking and let’s terjah all the pictures after da jump…

as soon as all expected 1st day convoy arrived, we took this picture. i want to include that welcome to melaka place-sign so i end up capturing less detail on participant.. haha sorry folks. Faiz and Awie posing abis.

my sister, also an enthusiast photographer have every reason in this world to give that cheek to cheek smile. reason? scroll down and ready to get poisoned!

reason 1 = nikkor 16-85mm

reason 2 = the holy grail of nikon DX camera, the D300s .. i want! i want!

alyaa zulfah lah.. siapa lagi..

aaqil favorite toy – bumble bee human alliance. The first thing i would check before traveling – otherwise we’ll be having a tough and not-so-pleasant journey.

stretching and warming up session before mandi. At first aaqil sangat bersemangat untuk mandi, tapi rupanya dia tak suka ombak dan pasir. tak sampai 30 saat dah nak naik. duh.

a bizzare attempt, i have no idea what is that blueish thingy at the cloud. over-procesing?

another weak panoramic attempt. i should use M mode to get constant exposure. i also need a tripod to get a perfect stitch. (malas nya nak carry that 2 kilos tripod) – click to view full size.

that’s all for now.. hahaha sure tak puas hati. tunggu for like one month but only get to see few pictures. im in a midst of editing the second and third part – stay tuned 🙂

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