• i need to buy DSLR again, it is pointless to create a photoblog related theme without adding any picture to my entry.
    • The problem is that i already like and feel comfortable with ‘high end’ DSLR D300s – when i hold D90, feel like something missing.
    • I also need to buy the whole system again, i sold everything except my crumpler bags
  • A LOT of things happened since i last update this blog. (3 months 26 days 23 hours 33 minutes to be precise – thanks wolfram).
    • ++ : We’re expecting our 3rd baby in November.
    • + : I’ve been officially promoted.
    • – : I logged a report to streamyx / TM twice per week for the past 3 months.
    • — : I’ve lost my dad – al-fatihah, he passed away peacefully last Tuesday
  • One thing still didn’t happen though, we still live in Klang, not yet move in to our not so new house (almost 2 years dah beli)
  • I valued other people privacy now more than ever. I had few events picture which i would love to share but i dont want the people inside to feel uncomfortable. Maybe i should tried a more subtle approach asking for permission.
  • Let’s hope my next entry would be longer, together with some nice pictures.

signing off

3 thought on “seriously….”

  1. Ady

    D300s terus… lagi baik kalau boleh buat duit dengan DSLR tu, lagi mantap reason untuk beli (reason untuk diri sendiri).

    And then kumpul duit untuk AJIT 🙂

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