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As much i would love to read this, i would like to share the article here. Story about the sniper, the art of war.
Weapons of War: The Sniper
by Mark Rigger82 Christianson
October 11, 2010

The term Sniper originates 1770s, from British Soldiers in India who attributed the term to hunters skilled enough to kill an elusive bird, the snipe. Since then the term was first attributed in 1824 to mean Sharpshooter.

The first Sniper Regiment was the Lovat Scouts, formed from Scottish Highlanders by Lord Lovat, and earned high praise under US Major Fredrick Burnham during the Second Boer War. These troops were skilled marksmen, adept in fieldcraft, tactics and the use of discretion. The Scouts were also the first known unit to wear the ghillie suit.


In World War II, both the Soviet and German Army used snipers extensively, developing even more modern day techniques such as Shoot and Move, Reversible Clothing, and the ability to operate alongside standard combat units. Of the most famous, Captain Vasily Grigorevich Zaytsev, awarded the highest decorations of his nation, is credited 242 confirmed kills, 6 of which were snipers themselves. The snipers Captain Zaytsev trained are believed to have killed over 3000 enemy troops. In 1991, at the age of 76 and 10 days before the fall of the Soviet Union, Captain Zaytsev died in the city of Kiev. His final resting place is next to the Monument to the Defenders of Stalingrad.

you can read the rest of the article HERE.

if you happen to play the same game on ps3, please add me as your buddy. Traditionally, sniper is not a good team player, but we’ll try our best to turn the tide of battle. hehe

my sigs, hahaha.. i should not create them in the first place, but hey this is just for fun.

this game is fun to play, im loving it – i dont think i would be playing Call of Duty series again, unless something significant happened to Call of Duty multi-player game engine.

Favorite component of the game : Multiplayer
Favorite classes : Recon – sniper FTW
Fav game mode : Conquest. Rush is too ermm… rush to my liking haha
Fav map : Port Valdez and White pass
Fav weapon : M24 sniper, M95 is getting more mileages now, i think M95 going to be my next fav

Fav gadget : Mortar strike.
This game also have lots of achievement / insignia / pin, this is one of my fav :- Exemplary Marksman Combat 100 sniper rifle Marksman Headshots

Exemplary Marksman Combat 100 sniper rifle Marksman Headshots

My next target would be : Elite Marksman Combat 500 Headshots 😀

Elite Marksman Combat 500 Headshots

OK hopefully this can spark my interest in posting more in this blog. later.

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