Unifi Speedtest with and without homeplug.

The benchmark.
Wireless connection. Room where the wifi device located.

two homeplug unit Aztech HL110E and HL110EW
Here are the result

without home plug with home plug, internet connected from the wireless extender
Main hall, TV area

Master bedroom
kids playroom

the result is inconclusive and cannot be summarize. I dont think the wireless-n extender is helping at all in this situation.
ping result however show that homeplug is more reliable and no timeout when surfing from main hall.

maybe, maybe i can use the homeplug for iptv purpose and browse only with the standalone wifi router. Need to try with my macbook and ps3.
Sorry if this entry makes no sense or if you think the test is pointless. I just write here for my reference.

4 thought on “Unifi Speedtest with and without homeplug.”

  1. Michael

    HI, I dont see how your diagram can work. You mentione that you plug your homeplug in to the red port then your laptop gets wifi from the other homeplug with wireless N. The homplugs will be connected to the IPTV VLAN and not the user VLAN so it wont work.

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