Android/Nexus s issue :- Failed Wifi to 3G switch

I’ve been surfing around to find woe for my new android phone. Some details about the phone and problem.

phone : Google Nexus S
OS: Gingerbread 2.3.2
carrier : Celcom Malaysia

Problem description :- when leaving a wifi area, my phone fail to switch to 3G connection automatically. Most of the time i only realize this few hours after leaving home. Wifi to 3G connection wont swap automatically / diligently. There you go push notifications!!

Workaround prior to this (a painful one) : Reboot.

Overview : This problem have been described inΒ  android issues / logged under Component-Device , Subcomponent-Wifi :- Issue 2207: Net access fails after leaving WiFi. The severity seems to be set to medium. I can understand how this severity originate as i can recreate this problem but my wife couldn’t. We both bought the same phone, use the same telco carrier. There is NO difference between our phone (well there is actually but i would consider this AMOLED one as feature :lol:)

OK Steps i’ve taken to cure this problem once and for all. Sorry if this didn’t solve your problem. No harm in trying right? . This steps is actually a modification from article described here but since my phone is too stubborn to start its own 3G connection after enable/ disable flight-mode or enable / disable 2G/3G connection, i’ve changed those steps to reboot :-

pre-req : make sure you have configured your wifi and 3G connection (APN, etc.) correctly.

1. Disable your phone Wi-Fi.
2. Reboot the phone.
2. Now the phone should establish a 3G connection.
3. Now, Disable Data Connection in the Mobile Networks settings menu.
4. Reboot the phone.
5. Re-Enable Data Connection. You should now get a 3G connection.
6. Enable Wi-Fi. You should now get a Wi-Fi connection.
7. Switch of your modem or router (to simulate out of wifi coverage) it will switch back to 3g now.

tested while the phone on standby/sleep and active, transition works flawlessly. I have a theory that this is a code issue where wifi and 3g setup order have been taken too seriously by this phone / OS.

maybe related :- when WiFi is turned off or out off coverage, the phone doesn’t re-connect to 3G

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  1. fadzlizuka Post author

    not nexus s.. actually it’s my sim card issue.
    the problem keep on happening again after i apply above solution.

    When i change my 5 years old sim card, problem solved πŸ™‚

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