Category: project 52

#10/52 – Week 10

we already set our target to have pancake for lunch (paddington house of pancake)  We have no intention or whatsoever to eat rib today, but since we’re passing through the tony roma, im peeping to their menu to see if  they have anything new. however we end up having a full rack tony roma’s rib […]

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#9/52 – Week 9

The best for week 9, you will appreciate more if you see this image in its full resolution size. The gaussian blur created by this lens on the green tree behind is outstanding and creamy-licious. Picture was taken while attending zafri (zeff’s son) 1st birthday bash. Picture of the birthday event will follow soon, as […]

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#8/52 – Week 8

Two 35mm f/2D prime? No. only one 35mm f/2D but i overlay-ed them on photoshop, darken mode blending Tripod is a must, mode is manual and focus mode is set to manual too… since shutter speed, aperture and focal length is the same  it already met the criteria for project52 🙂 cheers!… it’s sunday evening […]

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