Tag: AF Nikkor 35mm f/2D sample

Aquaria KLCC

Recently we decide to visit aquaria, right after we visit homedec 2009. Not much activity at homedec, we leave there only with wall decal and place a booking on wallpaper (just to lock the homedec discounted price.. lol) Talk about aquaria, the place is fine but i dont think it justify your 27 ringgit (with […]

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coming soon : ject’s …

hahahaaaa.. no, no,  im not covering jet graduation, just want to confuse you guys seeing ject wearing a robe and mortarboard on his special day. Im actually covering ject’s wedding reception ceremony. A very nice place in Bachok, Kelantan few minutes walk from Pantai Irama. OK, check the REAL peek images after the jump…

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